Teach Our Sons And Daughters


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Let us teach our sons and our daughters what real Love is, with blisters on the soles of its feet.

Let us show them that valuing ourselves, loving who we are and who we can become through right thinking and right action, is what leads to success in all areas of Life.

Let us all bear in mind the timeless words of Confucius (551-497 BC), a Chinese sage of times past:

“The demands that a gentleman makes are upon himself; those that a small man makes are upon others.”




With blessings,

Holly x


I Wish Love Was Taught In Schools

DSC09448 - strategically clothed - THTT Signed

A hug from Nature, in the Author’s garden.

I wish love was taught in schools, to girls and to boys, so that people could grow up knowing what love really looks like.

Words alone are shallow, and just being able to read and write does not help us when we’re hurting deep inside, or when we need to find strength within to imagine ourselves out of situations, in order to move them along. It is action and our tiny, seemingly unimportant actions that show whether we really mean it when we say “I love you”. When we say “I love you” and then behave in ways that show the opposite or, perhaps worse, a very confused message, we hurt those who trust us and take us at our word.

Men, a little free love message for you here, while we’re at it: Know that you hold an immense golden key to the happiness of your life and your own family home, especially if you are married and in charge. It starts with your turning the key in the right direction, in your own heart, and then applying all the love you give to yourself to those whose lives you wish to share. You are the one who can dictate whether the entire family sinks or sails. If you are lucky enough to have a woman in your life, nurture her, cherish her, appreciate her, be honest with her, fight for her, defend her if needed … after all, you asked her to share your life! Would you want to carry the physical strain that her body has to endure, even a menstrual period every month? Would you give birth and not scream the ward down, and then be available to your children whenever they needed you, no matter how hard they kicked you in the stomach and then mashed your heart as they tried later to find their wings? I doubt it. So show a little respect and give a little thought to what women are living with and having to work so hard to rise up above. A woman’s life is not easy, and most women I know deserve respect … at least for being a woman.

Women, a little free love message for you here too: Know that you are worth loving and that you do not have to behave like boys to get attention, nor do you have to grovel for love. You are a child of the universe, and your place on this earth is vital too. Don’t play second fiddle to monsters, and don’t try to take their place. Women have all the intuition and instinct that we were born with, in order to compliment other energy in the world. Use your kindness wisely and apply it to your self first. Don’t hurt your sisters and your girlfriends … they are just as sensitive as you are. Don’t show off and bitch about each other because, while you’re doing that, three fingers are pointing back at you.

Love is written about in so many places and it is one of the simplest things to understand … a baby gets it, a toddler expects it, a young child has it – until we rip it away with judgement and falsity. Love is a golden thread that holds relationships together. It is not shown in words. It is shown in love itself.

Love yourself, and treat others as you would have them treat you. That just about takes care of the whole circle of the golden rule of Life.

Holly x

Thinking of Nepal

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Thinking of the beautiful people in Nepal, and praying for all those affected by the earthquake and aftershocks in the region, or involved in the rescue and recovery efforts.

May beauty somehow rise out of the ‘ashes’.

Peace and love and healing prayers,

Holly x

Potted plants in a peaceful courtyard ... Magnolia stems, Pieris shrubs (one in bloom - little white bells), with first Camellia flower of the season (Camellia x williamsii “Donation”) ... each fed with wood ash from our fireplace.

Potted plants in my peaceful courtyard … Magnolia stems, Pieris shrubs (one in bloom – little white bells), with first Camellia flower of the season, this week (Camellia x williamsii “Donation”).


On Teaching Our Children

It is all very well teaching children Academic subjects, Sex Education and how to pass Examination with perfect results …
But how about teaching them how to THRIVE in the big wide world?
How about teaching them to LOVE… themselves and others?
How about teaching them how to SAFELY and sustainably GROW food and trees and flowers, so that they can have a beautiful world – and even perhaps be free of dependence on big, greedy, soulless corporations?
How about teaching them how to create wealth in ways that are POSITIVE?
How about teaching them about MONEY, and how to MANAGE their finances?
After all, they’ll shrivel up and suffer in innumerable ways, or do untold harm to others, without these fundamental basics!
So, how about it?

~ Holly

[Thoughts hastily, but pensively, penned on 18 April 2013.]

Children Learn what they Live

IMG_0004 - copy - CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE  - by Dorothy Law Nolte





Words by Dorothy Law Nolte PhD.
Image and layout by Holly Maxwell Boydell.
Prepared and posted onto The White Space’s page in January 2015 at http://www.facebook.com/thewhitespace.


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Added note:


The adults running the world right now, are the children of yesterday.
The children of today are the adults of tomorrow.
They will run our world – the way we taught them.
What we learnt and absorbed as children, is being played out in our lives right now.
It behoves us all to learn to see the world as children, relearn the lessons, and think before we act. In business, in all professions, in parenting, in all spheres of life.
We live what we learnt. We can change.


~ Holly Maxwell Boydell






[Additional words and Tag added Wednesday 17 February 2016]


When We Look Into The Eyes Of Children

Holly & Rhett - Arundel Road (enlarged) - THTT signed

I wonder what you see when you look at this photograph of two children? We all see things according to our own lives and experiences, but sometimes the messages are universal.

I know what I see and I know what I feel, when I look at this photograph. I know one of these children very well and their combined story is a powerfully moving one, when looking from the outside in, or the inside out. Each of these two children went on to create lives and families of their own, succeeding in various ways despite great hurdles, many obstacles to their security, their sense of self, and a lack of consistent parental direction while they were being raised.

When I stand back and view this photograph, as an Observer, I see two vulnerable beings, trusting the world to offer fun and everything else that they need, supporting each other, believing in the positive nature of Life. Each of these children, indeed every child, was and is worthy of love and care, nurturing and wellbeing. I know that these two children’s experience was not always so, and I know the depths to which each of them had to dig within themselves, in order to survive and to go on to do well.

As I look at this picture, I recall a few words I wrote recently, elsewhere in my blog, where I asked:

“What do you think children would say, if we asked them what sort of world (Earth) they would like to inherit? Remember, ours is borrowed from them.” *

I find myself asking this question again.

We hold their world in trust, until children can take up the mantle themselves, and as we do so we carry the full responsibility, for the sake of all the children of the world. This responsibility is something I care about and feel very deeply.

I wonder whether, when you look at this photograph of two trusting, outwardly optimistic, vulnerable beings, you see and feel any of this too?

In trust and love,

Holly x


* Quote from blog post: “Mid Winter Brightness” – 6 February 2015
at https://thehollytreetales.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/mid-winter-brightness

Children playing

As I waved goodbye to one of my children, who was setting off back down South yesterday, watching her disappear down the country road, I turned back to close our gate slowly and stopped to take in this sign pinned onto our property …

“Children playing. Keep gate closed.”

It spoke volumes to me.

How soon they are grown.
How sad that a gate must contain them.
How important that we all remember to continue to play.
How wonderful to give a child freedom to develop an imagination.
How vital the imagination becomes when they have flown.
How incredible that nowadays most will not see the countryside as it once was.
How much play has shaped the lives of those who feel the real need to care.
And I thought so much more.

The words, the moment, the whole picture …
I felt it all deep in my soul.

Holly x

Children playing. Keep gate closed.

Children playing. Keep gate closed.


Love is the Answer

Today I remembered a little piece I had written a couple of years back, which was ‘published’ via my Facebook page, and received with love. When I looked through my archives to find the little piece, I discovered that it had been written just before midnight, on Friday 22 February 2013. How amazing to discover that that date was very nearly exactly two years ago! Here is the little piece, inspired by a humble yet beautiful ceramic mug, given to me by a friend on my 21st birthday …




I keep hearing about unity, how we are all one; how we all originated from the same source, how there is no point in discrimination; how if we regularly allow our minds to become quiet, we will find that we become unable to harm another living thing, become more sensitive to our “home”, the Earth; how if we listen to the needs of the children of the world, hear their voices, even adopt the logic of a child deserving a good future, we will act with wisdom …

I’m not a celebrity, so why listen to what I say, but I’ve lived and worked on three continents, and on each continent I’ve lived in several places, struggled in some, learnt to adjust amongst many different groups of people, and I can tell you truthfully … humans are the same everywhere, some just more enlightened than others.

We all have to stop being so afraid of each other, and start trusting. We have to pull together. We have to realise that, no matter where we are on this planet, we’re all on the same planet and we are all connected by the very ground we stand on. It’s really true.

Please remember this, next time you feel lonely … or tempted to act without thought for another living creature or life system, nor care for the consequences. We’re all hanging in space, and every single one of us matters. Care is the glue that will keep us and our planet together, sustainably and safe. Love is what makes that possible.

Love really is the only answer.

Blessings & love,

Holly x


PS. The mug travelled with me.



A well-travelled, much loved little mug with a potent message ... "LOVE is the answer".

A well-travelled, much loved little mug with a potent message.